Business Coaching – self-discovery

  • As a manager, you continuously clash with a team member because they undermine your authority and do not honour agreements?
  • Your team gave you a negative review and you want to improve relationships with your employees?
  • As a new manager, you feel overwhelmed and need support to take on your new leadership role?

Coaching provides a space for personal and professional development

Coaching is good for everyone – whether they are managers, project leaders or individual employees. It helps to develop your own personal leadership style, to define your career or life goals, or to make the right decisions in uncertain situations, deal with difficult situations and conflicts, or gain clarity and guidance.

The organisational culture is powerful

Even in coaching, we carry your company culture. We work out jointly with the client where they have influence and where the culture limits are. This relieves the strain and helps to choose the path that fits.

Here are some examples of what we can do for your company:

Poor assessment of leadership behaviour

Analysis and realignment.

Shape communication with higher hierarchical levels, skilfully designed to make an impact

Differentiation of leadership behaviour

Development of situationally appropriate leadership behaviour.

Define the scope of one’s leadership role

Develop suitable scenarios where you can “say no” yet still keep in touch with employees. Recognise recurring conflicts and work out your own contribution to these conflicts. Realise alternative behaviours.

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