Success factor team development

  • The team is in crisis due to the employees being permanently overloaded?
  • Collaboration among colleagues is not going well due to unspoken conflicts burdening the work atmosphere?
  • The last employee engagement survey was negative because managers and employees do not work in an aligned manner?

Team dynamics is what tips the balance

Team dynamics arise automatically when people work together and help the team achieve its goals. If team dynamics are not right, there is tension among the colleagues. Since your employees are more concerned with themselves than with matter at hand, productivity losses are the result. Then it's essential to look behind the scenes and understand from where this tension comes. This is one of the central tasks in team development, and at the same time, the key to meaningful change.

Team success means teamwork

If conflicts arise in the team, we believe it doesn’t make sense to blame individual persons, the manager, or an employee. Team dynamics are created by the whole team. We seek to understand these particular dynamics and then break the ingrained patterns jointly in workshops.

Here are some examples of what we can do for your company:

Strategic realignment of your team

Develop common goals and self-image. Adapt roles and tasks, clarify expectations and agree on initial steps.

Overcome crises

Focus on resource scarcity and develop solutions. Strengthen collaboration and mobilise forces.

Check leadership behaviour

Define leadership role and foster feedback. Clarify expectations and combine with reciprocal offers. Come to concrete agreements in teams.

Improve collaboration

Help the team get to know each other and their unique differences, give feedback, clarify differences of opinions and conflicts, and use this clarity to take themselves and each other seriously.

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