Successful navigation in a complex environment

  • You want to break down hierarchies in your company and promote self-organisation. However, what does that mean for your management staff and employees? Are they all on a first-name basis now? Is everybody doing everything now?
  • A new working time model should enable your employees to work mobile. However, how can your team-heads learn to lead with confidence instead of with control? And how do you enable them to accompany the introduction of the new model well?
  • Does your management feel like a bottleneck because all decisions go through them? You want responsibility to be delegated downline to increase speed?

The key to your reorientation lies within your company code

An in-depth analysis of your corporate DNA right at the start of our collaboration gives us insight into the character of your company: the organisational culture, structures, processes and dynamics. We identify relevant levers that are critical to your business success. Jointly with you, we develop a target picture for a reorientation. We place the lever, where change can happen.

Change doesn’t happen on the whiteboard

We do not believe in a rigid change architecture. Instead, we take a step-by-step approach, testing the impact of each action and adjusting it as needed. This is the only way to bring about change in companies that has a lasting effect.

Learning by doing strengthens the change process

As a company, you will particularly benefit from change processes in which you actively participate. This helps you and your employees to better identify with the process and its results. After developing a concept, we are mainly responsible for the framework – giving you guidance and making course corrections if necessary.

Here are some examples of what we can do for your company:

From service provider to an innovative product developer

Support employees and executives in adopting new roles and responsibilities in the company more comfortably.

Flex work/Mobile office

Assist companies in developing and implementing a tailor-made, trust-based working model that gets rid of timekeeping and enables employees to work remotely.

Cultural analysis

Capture the uniqueness of your corporate culture to be a part of change projects or to identify the need for change in the first place.

Strategic realignment of your HR department

Assist the HR department with strategy development and the preparation of a decision-making document for management, and then support its implementation.

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