You are in good hands with us

Our consultants are knowledgeable individuals who know from many years of experience how to accompany changes. They also have the perspective from the other side of the desk – whether as a former corporate manager, project lead or expert. This experience gained from being on the client-side is incorporated into their consulting work today.

What is true for all of us:

We are all on the same wavelength

Our work roots in the same theoretical principles. Above all, the Systems Theory provides orientation for our change projects, large and small. Arbitrary interventions or indiscriminate actions are not what we do or who we are!

We speak the same language

Since all mundo consultants - despite their diversity and individuality - have a very similar education and background of experiences, we can also master large change projects confidently, represent each other and provide the top mundo quality.

You are welcome to scrutinise us!

If you want to know on which basis we develop our consulting concepts and measures, dig deeper. We are happy to explain where each step is derived from. Transparency creates trust. Our goal is that you will be able to "read" your organisation yourself.

Managing Directors

Heike Werner

Managing Director

"Find the lever" is my guiding principle.

I see it as my duty to accompany you and your organisation with a third-party viewpoint, as you question familiar assumptions and develop future-oriented perspectives.

Sylvia Wörner

Managing Director

We must live change, and we can even love it.

To accompany people, teams and organisations over the long-term; to initiate development; and to see change take place is what truly drives me.


Back Office

Carola Mettke

Back Office

  • Accounting
  • Invoicing
Ines Jazimirskyi

Seminar Organisation

  • Preparation of seminar documents
  • Event space / Accomodations
Frederic Wytopil

Working Student

  • Design of presentations & handouts
  • General support

Our team of consultants

Our projects require independent consultants with a lot of experience and a corresponding theoretical background. For this reason, we only work with freelance colleagues who can demonstrate sound training, have many years of consulting experience and are well established in the market.

Petra Andres

Only those who accept responsibility, can act confidently and lead safely.

I help my clients to truly tackle their goals: to set priorities, work out solutions, find their way and then go forward powerfully and consistently.

Daniel Helbig

Empowering by discovering new degrees of freedom.

Together we step onto the next level of disruptive change. Trained intuition, empathy and technical expertise are my ingredients for successful developments.

Albert Kehrer

Progress through self-responsibility.

Learn to truly see and understand yourself – in the here and now. It is my experience and belief that this leads to the “I”. It is my aspiration to help you develop your potential and achieve true authenticity.

Katja Müller

Nothing good happens unless you do it. (by Erich Kästner)

Connecting minds and ideas to create training concepts that meet the need of an organization highly motivates me. To make “good things“ happen for my clients is my aim.

Sibylle Reiter

You can´t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

I see it as my role to support you, your team and your company in discovering, unlocking and using your full potential so that you can go beyond where you are today.

Jutta Rogner

"Development Assistant" out of passion.

Illuminating blind spots together, discovering potential, creating clarity and thus making new ways possible: This is what inspires me and I am committed to this – with fervour and heart.

Patricia Wand

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Unfolding potentials by enabling organizations, teams and individuals is my passion: Appreciative of the status quo - at the same time yearning to improve and move on.


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