Boost the internal growth of your company

  • Your executives can barely perform their core tasks due to their operational work? They should learn to let go and delegate more?
  • Complaining and blaming others is not a problem-solving approach. You want employees to take on more responsibility and decide competently?
  • Your young staff is fresh from university? As a responsible supervisor, do you want to prepare them specifically for their new role in the company?

Variety of topics suited for all levels of the company

Every employee needs inspiration occasionally in terms of know-how, wanting to expand specific skills or to get (back) on track. Our trainings are aimed at all levels in your company – whether manager, team leader, employee or junior. They are always tailored precisely to the requirements of your company and never “off the shelf”.

Learning by experience, not by listening

With a strong theoretical foundation and practical experience: The time that your employees invest in training should have sustainable benefits that are applicable in everyday professional life. That's why our motto is “experience + experience”. By being experience-oriented and related to their daily work, our participants experience the effect of the training directly during training.

As if from one source: We closely interlink trainings and change advice

Training is an effective tool for purposefully strengthening personnel. Also, it is an indispensable instrument of change accompaniment. The value-add of mundo: We can do both - change advice and the corresponding competence development through trainings. When you work with us, there is no need for a long coordination process, and you get everything from one source.

Intensive and compact internal trainings

You want to train several employees on a specific topic? In addition to training, we also support you and your team(s) with compact training courses on topics such as change and consultant know-how, leadership development and coaching, and training or moderation skills. Let’s discuss how we can design a training tailored to your needs.

Examples of our trainings and continuing education series:

  • Making effective decisions in the team
  • Thinking and acting autonomously as an entrepreneur within the company
  • Go into risk under stress and come out with good decisions
  • New in Leadership - Skills Development for Team Leaders
  • Safe in uncertainty - Leadership in change
  • Manage and be managed in an agile environment
  • Lead discussions with a suction effect
  • Coaching and facilitation skills for HR employees

Need help with any of these topics or similar challenges?

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